GoBetaverse, you said?

Sports have become one of the most consumed sorts of entertainment. There is no single day without having something playing somewhere. For us, people passionate people about sports content and predictions, it has become challenging to follow it all due to the multiple sources presenting information in different formats and streams.

GoBetaverse was created to solve this problem as a central objective. It is a one-stop shop for a plethora of sports involving different leagues. But, with a standardized and uniform way to present the facts.

No matter the sports content you need, you will enjoy having structured information within your reach; improving the effort and time invested in analyzing sports events, building predictions or creating sports content, and decreasing the frustration of having to manage different data sources and switching the context.

Who’s behind the beast?

We love all sports stuff, betting, content, and cool graphics. Furthermore, we share a passion for developing websites and apps to make data and stats more friendly and approachable. Combine both, and you get a bunch of people working (and partying) hard*, to offer something useful and unique.

We started with ourselves and tried to break down the multitude of issues we were facing when trying to predict outcomes or create sports content to serve the fans. We imagined a universe where sports data was more than just numbers here and there. We wanted numbers to speak and reveal patterns, trends and possibilities.

The next step was finding the best way to share our creation with the world. It was a long journey to decide on the ideal format to serve the widest spectrum of users. We ended up keeping it simple: click & compare graphs and structured tables in a straightforward user interface. We value users’ time and efforts, and we want to make sure these will be invested in the best way using our platform.

Now, where are we going with this?

Short answer, everywhere, or almost. We want to repeat the exercise that brings us joy in gathering, structuring and presenting the data with new sports, leagues and competitions. We believe that the same processes can be applied to any sport to demystify the magic of the stats and make sports data a more affordable and accessible tool.

Last but not least: You.

You are in command of the beast. GoBetaverse is here to bring freedom and clarity when it comes to predicting and creating sports content. When others surf on the hype and build models based on historical data ignoring your gut, we decided to go upstream and bet on you. We avoid mechanizing passion as we think there is a lot more than numbers behind your journey. We work and present the data, you analyze and predict, perfect teamwork isn’t it?